Congratulations to Kate Abbott of Chicago, Illinois —

the Grand Prize Winner of the Estroven® Nighttime Good Sleep Challenge "Dream Spa Getaway!"

The contest may have ended, but you can still take the Good Sleep Challenge yourself! You’ll see how Estroven® Nighttime, with clinically proven melatonin and soy isoflavones, goes beyond relieving hot flashes and night sweats to help you fall asleep easier — within just three months.*

Read all about Kate's "Dream Spa Getaway" here

How did our three Estroven Nighttime “Good Sleep Challengers” do?

We recruited three wonderful women to take the Good Sleep Challenge and asked them to share their experiences with us. For three months, they took Estroven Nighttime every night to improve their quality of sleep. And through their blogs, they shared their progress, every step of the way. Read their archived entries to see how each of them felt at the end of the Challenge by clicking on their blogs below.

When Barbara turned 40, sleeplessness reared its head, keeping her awake for hours in the middle of the night or waking her much too early in the morning. She’s hoping Estroven Nighttime will get her sleep back to how it once was.

Heather has been experiencing the effects perimenopause has on sleeping. Over the past six to nine months she’s noticed more and more that she wakes up exhausted even after eight hours of “sleep.”

Magnolia just never gets enough sleep. Occasional night sweats and hot flashes are unwelcome visitors. Magnolia rarely feels completely rested when she gets up. She’s learned to power through her day, but it can be tough.